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Throwback: My Old Blog

Years ago I used to blog over at Most of the posts I was writing while I was studying computer science in Berlin.

I haven’t updated that blog since, so it’s pretty much just an archive now from my university time. At some point I should move it from to my own server to keep it safe in the future.

If you are wondering about the name, by the way, it comes from my love for the Fallout game series, which I have played since the first game in 1997. “netz” is just German for “network”.

The blog contains random posts dealing with the few different topics I was interested in, like web development or 3D game programming.

It’s not an especially good blog, as back then as now I’m still working on becoming better at writing. But here are some of my personal highlights.

Game Programming On Micro Controllers

This post is about a project I did in the micro controllers (technical computer science) course at Free University in Berlin (Germany).

We worked with a ultra-low power micro controller (Texas Instruments MSP430) with only 2 KB of RAM. The processor can be set to run at only a few Khz and up to 11 Mhz. Our output device was an oscillograph. The code was written in plain C.

Loading & Rendering 3D COLLADA Models With Microsoft XNA

A screenshot of some 3D models loaded & rendered using my C# library

I also wrote a series of posts about loading and rendering of 3D models defined in the open source COLLADA XML – an open-source 3D asset interchange format – using Microsoft XNA.

It was fun going through the format specification and implementing the loader (in C#), transforming it into the right primitives for XNA and finally implementing my own content pipeline and (HLSL) shaders to render them.

The code is still on GitHub. But XNA is pretty much dead now. It was an interesting excercise nonetheless!

Tidal Music App for Linux

Screenshot of my Electron-based wrapper app for Tidal running on Elementary Linux

There was a time when I still had the patience to mess around with Desktop Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Elementary). At the time I was also testing a new alternative to Spotify – Tidal. They didn’t offer a Linux app but you could use it in the browser. Therefore I just wrote an Electron based wrapper to run it like a regular Linux application.

Nowadays I just use Windows and macOS. I’m also back to using Spotify.

And More

There are more posts. Some of them I might repost here at some point. Posts like Focus on Programming definitely remind me that I should write down more of my thoughts for my future self, and to reinforce the things I learn.

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